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  • Uplifting/Inspiring
  • Fun/Fresh
  • Science Fiction
  • Epic/Adventure
  • Quirky
  • Pretty
  • Mood
  • Sexy/Sensual
  • Drama
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Nostalgic/Sentimental
  • Mischievous/Playful
  • Serious
  • Moody
  • Big/Full/Anthemic
  • Fantasy
  • Discordant
  • Sad
  • Relaxed/Slow
  • Cool/Attitude
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    × is a boutique music library with a difference. It's selection of stock music in which each track is hand picked by us personally. Whether you are looking for video background music or simply wanting to listen to some great music - is the only music library that doesn't suck.

    Our music is sourced from our network of musicians, labels and music publishers across the world. Ranging from established artists at the top of their genre to talented at home composers that exactly capture the unique sound we search for so tirelessly. Our mission is to give you fast, hassle free access to the finest music in the world. From retro to classical to hip hop from the underground of Tokyo - we've got it all. With a stream of new music pouring into our database each month we're able to give you access to the freshest music around the world as it happens.

    We're based in Cape Town and we have eyes and ears all around the globe. With Biblo you can easily browse and download tracks with no commitment. Once you have selected a track that perfectly suits your production we'll send the relevant documentation and guide you through our easy licensing process. This ensures peace of mind that your tracks and productions adhere to all licensing laws as they should with no unwelcome surprises. So go ahead, take a look around! If you have any questions or feedback drop us a line, our team is waiting to help with any query no matter how big or small :)